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A Kansas City Workers Compensation lawyer can assist you in getting the Compensation you are looking for.

At NORTHLAND INJURY LAW, we are committed to helping those who are looking for Workers Compensation. We have recovered millions of dollars for our injured clients. Located in the Northland of Kansas City, we have a combined 50 years of experience and provide legal services throughout Missouri. If our Workers Compensation Lawyer can help you, call us now for a FREE CONSULTATION at 816-400-4878 or send an email to: [email protected].


Claiming the worker’s compensation benefits that you are eligible for can be facilitated through a worker’s compensation attorney. There are many times when workers are inclined to think that injuries are just part of the job and never seek benefits. In fact, any injury that occurs while doing your job should be covered by your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance. Therefore, you must seek representation by the experienced worker’s compensation attorneys at Northland Injury Law.

The problem workers often face is simply a lack of information. In other words, most injured workers don’t know their rights. We can help. No matter what type of injury you have suffered, you should contact experienced worker’s compensation lawyers who can work to ensure that your rights are protected. No injury is too big or too small for the trial lawyers at Northland Injury Law. We focus on representing clients throughout the Kansas City metro area and rural Missouri in a wide variety of workplace injury matters.

Steps to Take to Claim Workers’ Compensation

After any incident, workers need to consider the following pointers to get the right compensation and guidance:

Report the injury

When you are injured at work, you must report the injury to your employer immediately. If possible, take pictures of the scene as well. Filing an incident report can create a record of the injury, including the time, location, and other relevant details. As time passes, it may be difficult to accurately recall all the circumstances surrounding your injury, so having a report can be extremely helpful. If you or your employer has completed an incident report, you should ask for a copy. Once you leave the premises following the fall, do not have any further contact with your employer or their insurance carrier. A representative from the insurance company may contact you to provide a recorded statement. Do NOT give a statement. Instead, you should obtain legal counsel to represent you.

Seek medical attention

When an injury occurs, you should seek medical help immediately. This is particularly important if you have hit your head. Concussions, soft tissue injuries, breaks, and similarly painful bodily injuries can be difficult to identify on your own. If you do not receive a timely diagnosis, you may not receive the treatment which you need, and as a result may experience more severe complications.
Learn more about medical reviews in workers’ compensation cases: MOST WORKERS COMP MEDICAL REVIEWS AGREE WITH TREATING PHYSICIAN

Don’t give a recorded statement to the insurance company.

Once you leave the premises following the injury, do not have any contact with their insurance carrier. A representative from the insurance company may contact you to provide a recorded statement. Do NOT give a statement. Instead, you should obtain legal counsel to represent you.

Call a Work Comp Attorney

After these steps have been taken, contact the worker’s compensation lawyers at Northland Injury Law, who can advise you on what further actions to take and other information you need to know to ensure you are justly compensated for your injuries.

At Northland Injury Law, our Missouri worker’s compensation lawyers can help you get the benefits you are owed when you have been injured on the job. Worker’s compensation laws are designed to protect employee’s rights to compensation for injuries and illnesses sustained on the job, and each of our work comp attorneys will fight to make sure these laws are upheld. A Kansas City work comp attorney can help you get the benefits and compensation you are entitled to.

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