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$7 Million

Confidential Settlement

$1.75 Million

Woman was killed when a drunk driver collided with her vehicle.

$1 Million

Man suffered a degloving injury to his hand that resulted in permanent disfigurement and impairment as a result of a machine not having a guard to avoid injury.


Man suffered a severely fractured arm and leg after falling through the roof of a cooler unit he was working on. The unit had not been properly secured prior to the man getting on top of the unit to perform his work.

$5 Million

Death of teenage boy after he was struck by a school bus while walking in crosswalk.

$1.5 Million

Man had both of his legs fractured and sustained a pelvis fracture when a car collided with his car.

$1 Million

Man lost the lower portion of his leg after his motorcycle was struck by a truck making an illegal u-turn.


Confidential Settlement


Woman had her leg amputated after she tripped on wire that had been used to secure a greenhouse door at a discount store.


Wrongful death of 55 year old man when vehicle pulled out from stop sign after being waved out by metro bus driver.


Confidential Settlement


Woman broke her shoulder after falling over electrical pull rope left unguarded by construction crew.


65 year old man was killed after he was backed over by an auto parts delivery driver.


Man suffered serious fracture to his leg and other injuries after collision with semi-tractor trailer.


Woman suffered injuries to her neck, back and knees after her car was rear-ended by a semi-tractor trailer.


Man suffered trauma that eventually led to development of blood clots after being rear-ended by another vehicle while riding his motorcycle.


Woman suffered fractures of her collar bone, legs and back when the vehicle she was riding in was struck by another vehicle.


Teenage girl was killed after driver of vehicle she was riding in lost control and crashed.


Woman lost partial vision in one eye after falling on water in a grocery store and hitting her head.


A man suffered fractures to his leg, ankle and foot after a vehicle crossed over the median and collided with his car.


Woman suffered a severe fracture to her leg as a result of a vehicle crossing over the median and colliding with her car.


Man suffered torn rotator cuff and injury to his neck after a semi-tractor trailer pulled into the path of his vehicle and they collided.


Woman was rear-ended by another vehicle and suffered a herniated disk in her neck and aggravation of degenerative conditions in her lower back.


Man fell at gas station on slippery tile used around the gas pumps and sustained herniated disks in his lower back.


Boy was accidentally shot by neighbor boy when a gun was left accessible by neighbor boy’s parents. Boy was paralyzed.


Boy was bitten by neighbor’s dog on his face and stomach and left with scarring.


Man injured knee at store when employee dropped merchandise on him.


75 year old man suffered rhabdomyolysis leading to kidney failure after he was given wrong medication.

$2 Million

Teenage boy had both of his legs crushed after a chain broke that was suspending a trailer above him and the trailer fell onto him. The boy had been directed to go under the trailer by the trailer’s owner to help secure the wheels to the trailer.

$1.125 Million

Young man had degloving injury and fracture of ankle; pelvis and lower back fractures after being struck on side of highway while working on his disabled car by driver who was under the influence of alcohol and distracted.

$1 Million

Confidential Settlement

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