What Happens if You Are Released Back to Work in Missouri Before You Are Ready?

Understand how workers’ compensation works in the state of Missouri.

With some minor exceptions, Missouri workers’ compensation law provides coverage for all workers injured on the job while working within Missouri. The Workers’ Compensation Division of the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations administers Missouri workers’ compensation law. The most important thing you can do is talk to a Workers’ Compensation attorney. Call Northland Injury Law at 816-400-4878.

What Happens if You Are Released Back to Work Before You Are Ready?

If the workers’ compensation doctor has released you and declared you to be at maximum medical improvement, you are entitled to an Independent Medical Examination (“IME”), which the employer is required to pay for. We can help make sure that the doctor whom you see will give you a fair shake and a proper examination. Of course, while this process moves forward, your employer may seek to cut off your benefits, but if the Independent Medical Doctor agrees that you cannot return to your previous job, we may be able to allow you to retain your workers’ compensation benefits.

However, if you have not reached maximum medical improvement, and you are still in the “healing period,” your failure to show up at work after being released by your treating doctor might be considered an unjustifiable refusal to return to work, and could end up losing you your benefits. Under those circumstances, we recommend that you at least try to return to work and give it a good effort. If you find that you are unable to perform your duties, you should make an appointment to return to your doctor and explain exactly what was hurting you on the job and exactly what made it impossible to perform your job. If the doctor continues to be unsympathetic, we can assist you in getting an IME.

Talk to a Work Comp Attorney

A Missouri attorney experienced in workers’ compensation can be an invaluable asset to your case, especially if you were seriously injured and cannot go back to work. You should strongly consider talking to a worker’s comp attorney if you need to appeal a denial of your claim and/or your injuries are severe or complex. For a more comprehensive list of all the questions you might have about workers’ compensation, and for a free consultation, please call (816)-400-4878.

If you have further questions about your case, do not hesitate to reach out to us by phone, through the contact form, or even with the live chat option listed on our site!

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