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Brain Injury Lawyer In Kansas City – 8 Signs Your Car Accident Gave You A Concussion

brain injury lawyer in kansas cityThere has been a great deal of media attention lately on concussions and serious brain injuries suffered by professional football players, many of whom have endured years of brutal physical contact that may have included constant slaps to the head and bone-crushing tackles or blocks.  Baseball catchers also routinely experience blows to the head from foul balls or home plate collisions and some have seen promising careers end prematurely.  But did you know that car accidents account for more head injuries than any other event? A free consultation with a Northland Injury Law brain injury lawyer in Kansas City may be able to help if any of the above or more applies to you.

While sports injuries are responsible for about 20% of traumatic brain injuries (TBI), car accidents cause approximately 28% of such injuries. It is not surprising since there are millions of motor vehicle accidents each year that result in injuries, many of which are head injuries.  Many people are not initially aware that they have suffered a concussion, let alone a traumatic brain injury.  There are, however, certain signs to be cognizant of following a car accident to see if you did suffer a concussion.


What is a Concussion?

A concussion is typically a mild brain injury where you suffer a blow to your head resulting in some degree of confusion, dizziness, and other symptoms.   At the moment of impact in a car accident injury, your brain is literally bounced around inside your head where it can sustain tearing, bleeding, or bruising of nerve fibers.

There are three grades of concussions:

  • Grade 1: No loss of consciousness but you may have some temporary amnesia for less than 30 minutes
  • Grade 2: You suffer a loss of consciousness and amnesia from 30 minutes to 24 hours
  • Grade 3: You lost consciousness for more than 5 minutes or suffered amnesia for more than 24 hours

In most cases, car accident victims make a complete recovery after a week or so, some concussions can be serious and life threatening.  Always seek medical attention if you suffer any of the signs of a concussion.


Signs of a Concussion from a Car Accident

Here are 8 signs that your car accident injury gave you a concussion:

  1. You lost consciousness. This is the most obvious sign since the force involved in the collision was enough to cause you to lose consciousness from striking your head on the windshield, steering wheel, or other object. You might have been out for just a few seconds but in any case, your brain has suffered trauma. Again, be aware that you do not have to lose consciousness to have suffered a concussion.
  2. You feel nauseous, dizzy, feel sensitive to light, and may have vomited more than once. This should alert you that you have suffered a car accident concussion though you did not necessarily pass out at any time. You may not recall even hitting your head.
  3. You experience confusion and amnesia. You may not realize for several hours, or even a day or more, that you no longer recall certain things or are confused about the date or cannot concentrate on the task at hand.
  4. You saw stars or have ringing in your ears. Usually, this follows a blow to the head without and indicates mild trauma.
  5. Mood changes. You or someone points out to you that you are more easily angered, are irritable, listless, or appear nervous or anxious for no discernible reason.  You may also be depressed.
  6. Sleep patterns are disturbed. This could mean you are sleeping more than usual, have problems falling asleep, or are sleeping less than normal.
  7. Headaches that worsen or will not go away and problems with balance or blurry vision.
  8. In more extreme cases, seizures may occur.

A car accident concussion can also result in a traumatic brain injury, a serious intracranial condition that can affect your cognitive abilities leading to a permanent life altering disability.  TBI also accounts for one-third of all injury-related deaths in the US.  If you or a loved one was involved in a car accident where a concussion or brain injury occurred, consult with a car accident brain injury lawyer about your legal options.


Damages in a Car Accident Concussion Case

Although most people recover completely from concussion injuries, a significant number do not, and as a result suffer chronic problems of continuing headaches, seizures, an inability to concentrate, personality changes that can lead to violence or suicide, as well as loss of employment.  Your damages can be substantial in these types of cases where medical treatment may be ongoing for years. Your legal damages can include:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of consortium claim by a spouse

For some TBI sufferers, they may be able to return to some kind of employment but at a wage that is substantially lower than their regular employment had paid, along with loss of certain benefits.


Contact Car Accident Brain Injury Lawyer in Kansas City at Northland Injury Law

Northland Injury Law is a Kansas City concussion and brain injury lawyer firm that has been representing victims of car accidents with TBI or other injuries for over 30 years.  Being sensitive to the signs of a concussion and to the catastrophic effects a concussive injury can lead to has made Northland Injury Law well equipped to handle these cases.  Call us today for a free assessment of your car accident case.

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