What types of expenses does worker’s comp cover?

When employees are injured on the job it is important for them to know what types of expenses they can expect to get covered by workman’s compensation. We here at Northland Injury Law realize this is a stressful time for employees so we decided to provide a brief list of things that are covered. Although the payments are usually modest, workers’ compensation insurance covers:

medical care from the injury or illness;
replacement income;
costs for retraining;
compensation for any permanent injuries;
benefits to survivors of workers who are killed on the job.

But remember that if a person collects workers’ compensation benefits, he or she cannot sue the employer. And workers’ compensation benefits do NOT cover pain and suffering.

Wage replacement is usually two/thirds of the worker’s average wage, but there is a fixed maximum amount that the benefits will not go over. That may seem modest, but note that these benefits are not taxed. So, as long as the employee was making a fair wage, he or she should have no major problems. The eligibility for wage replacement begins immediately after a few days of work are missed because of a particular injury or illness.

If you have been injured and are receiving workman’s compensation, please do not hesitate to contact the Northland Injury Law firm for a free consultation at 816-400-4878. An attorney experienced in the field of worker’s compensation law will be ready to advise you of your options and counsel you through this difficult time.

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