Trucking Accident Lawyer in Kansas City Helps the Injured

Do you need a trucking accident lawyer in Kansas City? If you or a family member have been involved in an accident involving a commercial truck, you should be talking to a seasoned attorney about your case. At Northland Injury Law, our team of attorneys have the expertise to pursue trucking cases on behalf of clients, ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries, pain and suffering.

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MDOT) states that “Commercial motor vehicles make up approximately 20 percent of all traffic on Missouri interstates. Between 2014 and 2018, CMVs were involved in 9.1 percent of all traffic crashes, 14.2 percent of fatal traffic crashes, and 8.0 percent of serious injury crashes in Missouri.” The number of people killed in accidents involving commercial trucks has increased since that time. Our attorneys have successfully pursued a number of trucking cases on behalf of injured victims and those who have lost loved ones in truck related collisions.

If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident involving a truck or other commercial vehicle, you need to act quickly. The trucking companies have field representatives who will be on the scene of an accident, sometimes even while paramedics are trying to help those who have been injured. They may attempt to steer law enforcement away from evidence, such as drivers’ logs and electronic control modules (ECMs) that might be helpful to an injury case. ECMs record such data as the speed of the truck, whether and how brakes were applied, engine RPMs and gear shifting. It is important for your trucking accident lawyer in Kansas City to have access to this information in order to pursue your injury or wrongful death case. There are multiple federal safety regulations that govern trucking companies and their drivers. Although truck drivers are not always at fault in these types of accidents, those who are at fault in an accident need to be held accountable.

Trucking accidents can cause catastrophic injuries such as burns, spinal cord injuries (including paralysis) and brain damage. People are often killed as the result of these accidents. At Northland Injury Law, our team of trial attorneys will vigorously pursue compensation for death or injury. As persistent advocates for victims’ rights, we will not stop working on your case until we have recovered all of the compensation to which you are entitled under the law.

When it comes to truck accidents, you want lawyers with a proven track record and years of experience representing truck collision victims. At Northland Injury Law, our team of trial lawyers will fight aggressively for your rights. Our knowledge both inside and outside the courtroom will help us to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your injuries. We serve clients in Kansas City, North Kansas City, Liberty, Gladstone, Platte Woods, and St Joseph, MO. Contact us at (816) 400-4878 to schedule a free consultation, or visit our virtual office. We look forward to working with you!

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