Three Good Reasons to Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

At Northland Injury Law we have represented many clients involved in motorcycle accidents. Thus, we feel it is important to provide insight on Motorcycle safety in an attempt to minimize the accidents that occur daily.

It’s summer, and many people love to get their motorcycles out on the road.

But riding a motorcycle requires both physical and mental aptitude, along with knowledge and experience. Motorcycle safety courses can improve the ability of riders at all experience levels, from beginner to seasoned veteran. Here are three good reasons to consider taking a motorcycle safety course:

You’re a New Motorcyclist, or Haven’t Ridden for a While

Basic courses are the cornerstone of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation curriculum, and the minimum of five hours of classroom instruction they require help to prepare the beginning rider for 10 hours of practical riding in an off-street environment like a parking lot. And you don’t even have to have a motorcycle – motorcycles donated by local dealers as well as helmets are included in the course, according to a report on the Discovery Communications website.

For many motorcyclists, a significant amount of time may pass between rides due to an injury, illness, inclement weather, or just life, resulting in an expired permit or license. A basic course can serve as a refresher to get a more experienced rider back in shape to retake the exam.

You Want a Break on Your Insurance Rates

Common motorcycle insurance discounts include safe driver, multiple-policy, and safety education, and many insurance companies offer discounts on motorcyclists who have successfully completed a certified motorcycle safety course. Motorcycle insurance can be expensive, and these discounts may range from five to 20 percent off quoted rates, according to

A Motorcycle is an Investment

Since motorcycles cost thousands of dollars, your investment in one should not be taken lightly. If you’re a new rider, one of the best ways to see if motorcycling is really for you is to take a motorcycle safety course, where the equipment is provided and you might even be able to try different makes and types.

Many courses cover the basics of choosing a motorcycle, and students can also get advice from the course’s instructors regarding the type of bike to buy. Because motorcycle dealerships won’t let potential buyers road test a motorcycle without a license, a motorcycle safety course may be the smartest investment they make in terms of money, equipment, and safety. So, enjoy your motorcycles and be safe while doing so.

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