Super Bowl LVII at State Farm Stadium: Another Case of Insurance Companies Prioritizing Profit Over Customers

It’s no coincidence that an insurance company giant – the nation’s biggest car insurer – is, yet again, “indirectly” sponsoring a huge sporting event.

Though State Farm is skipping out on their usual multi-million-dollar Super Bowl ad to focus on their TikTok marketing, the fact still remains that they have still spent an incredible amount of money to (help):

  1. Put their name all over the Arizona Cardinals’ new stadium back in 2006;
  2. Secure their sponsored stadium as the Super Bowl LVII location; and
  3. Refurbish and rebrand their sponsored stadium for Super Bowl LVII – a one-time event.

From our perspective as a personal injury law firm that deals with insurance companies every single day to help injured clients get the money they deserve when accidents occur, this comes as no surprise.

Insurance is BIG business. And, like any other big business on Wall Street, increasing profit margins is their ultimate goal and bottom line. With making money as their top priority, the satisfaction and well-being of their paying customers automatically become a lower priority. We see evidence of this on a daily basis when insurance companies try to find any excuse or loophole to prevent or reduce the insurance payout that their insured customers – our clients – have claim to and deserve.

So, what does this mean for you, someone who (most likely) has and relies on insurance policies in times of emergency or need? It means that, no matter who you are, what your circumstances are, or what insurance you have, insurance companies and adjusters are NOT YOUR FRIENDS. Do not trust them to pay you what you deserve, even if you think you have a guaranteed or a clear-cut claim.

Hiring a lawyer to represent you after an accident is your best way to protect yourself from greedy insurance companies who may short or deny payout for your claim when it benefits them.

If you’ve been injured in an accident that you believe is someone else’s fault, give our Northland Injury Law team a call at (816) 400-4878 or text “HURT” to 22222 to set up a FREE personal injury consultation with our top-rated, highly experienced attorneys.

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