Safe Driving Tips for Memorial Weekend

When traveling this holiday weekend be sure keep your family and other drivers safe by checking out theses tips from NY as they designate this week as vehicle safety week. Help prevent accidents and promote roadway safety by making sure your vehicle is in proper operating order and has had routine maintenance! Also, help prevent accidents by not driving distracted. Texts, phone calls, and other messages and notifications can wait until you pull over or arrive where you are going. Check out this article.

NY Vehicle Safety Week Kicks Off Safe Travel Practices by John Bair

Memorial Day Weekend is almost here, and with it comes the official start to the summer season. During this weekend and other big travel holidays, motorists must be extra diligent in keeping themselves and others safe on the roadways. To emphasize the importance of proper vehicle maintenance as a primary safety factor, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has designated May 22 to 29 as the first-ever Vehicle Safety Week in the state.

This announcement aims to motivate vehicle owners to check fluids, tire pressure, battery life, windshield wipers and other safety measures to get their vehicles ready for summer travel.

“Just as a family checks to make sure all the suitcases are properly packed and that there is sufficient bug spray and sunscreen, it is even more important to take the time to make sure your vehicle is working properly,” DMV Executive Deputy Commissioner Terri Egan said in a press release. “Nothing ruins a vacation like being stranded at the side of the road or, worse, being in a preventable crash.”

The New York DMV urges all vehicle owners to check for information on recalls that could affect their vehicles, so they can ensure they have made all necessary fixes before traveling.

Don’t Forget About Distracted Driving Dangers

During Memorial Day Weekend (and throughout the fun-filled summer), your car will likely be packed with people and home-cooked side dishes. You might be getting calls in the car from friends and family members who have questions or need directions to the barbecue. These added disruptions are even more of a reason to make safety a top priority in your vehicle, which means avoiding all manual, cognitive and visual distractions until you’ve arrived at your destination. And remember, other motorists may not be as diligent behind the wheel.

Commissioner Egan puts it perfectly: “We want all New Yorkers’ vacations to be memorable for the right reasons, not the wrong ones.”

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

If you or your family have been hurt or injured as a result of another driver in an auto accident, personal injury, or slip and fall please feel free to contact us at or 816-400-4878.

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