Metro ice storm means busy work day for some, work-from-home day for others

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Go to work or stay home when weather becomes to much? It’s a difficult choice for some metro workers, but others don’t have an option.

When ice hits, so does business at Prestige Auto Collision in KCMO.Owner Alex Kulinets said bad weather doesn’t give him the day off.

“Nobody’s expecting to get into a car accident. Its not a fun experience,” he said.

Of course, there are things you can do to drive safe.

“Keep your distance, slow down, make sure you have tires that are not worn out, that are rated for this weather, and if you can – stay at home obviously!” Kulinets said.

The majority of the cars that come into his shop after slide-offs have worn down tires, but he says driving on ice is simply unpredictable.

But just because Kulinets has to come into work, doesn’t mean everyone has to.

Melissa Glaspie’s boss called her around seven this morning.

“He said, ‘OK, give me a few minutes,’ and then he called me back and he’s like, ‘Work from home today. Shut the lot down. You’re staying home,’” Glaspie said.

She’s a manager for a repossession company, and thankfully, most of her work can be done remotely.

“I really think that, when it becomes a safety issue for the buses to get out, the main roads may be fine, but the side streets are not fine, and that`s when it becomes a major issue,” Glaspie said.

With her two kids home from school, she didn’t have to leave them home alone.

“It was great. I got to stay home with my kids. They had a four-day weekend, and this was supposed to be their first day back, and we got to enjoy another day together,” she said.

So when the ice comes down, stay home if you can so your car doesn’t end up in Kulinets’ garage.

“Stay safe, Kansas City!” Kulinets said.

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