It’s Work Zone Awareness Week In Missouri

From 2014 to 2018, 54 people were killed and more than 3,200 were injured in Missouri work zone crashes.

During a news conference this week in Jefferson City, Nicole Herbel says her father, a Missouri Department of Transportation employee for 33 years, was killed in 2016 in the line of duty.

A driver struck Lyndon Ebker who was flagging drivers in a work zone in Franklin County.

A MODOT worker from the bootheel says he was struck by another vehicle in 2017 while in a work zone truck.

During this National Work Zone Awareness Week, Willie Jones says a vehicle slammed into his truck along I-55 while he was spraying a median near Haiti.

Jones, who has worked for MODOT for 13 years, walked away from that crash without any injuries.

He says he has had several other close calls while on duty, along with several other MODOT workers.

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