How Do Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Get Paid?

Most workers’ compensation lawyers get paid on a contingency fee basis. This means that the lawyer’s payment is contingent on the case recovering money either by settlement or lawsuit. If the lawyer does not recover any money then you don’t owe the lawyer any money. However, if the lawyer does recover money then the lawyer will be paid out of the amounts recovered.

Typical lawyer fees for workers’ compensation cases are statutorily capped in Missouri at 25%. In addition to lawyer’s fees, the expenses incurred can also be recovered. These expenses are for costs for ordering records and reports, copying and printing costs, court costs, etc.

The longer a case goes unresolved, the longer the lawyer goes unpaid. This means that the lawyer has fronted the money for the costs of supplies, ordering reports, and the time for work spent on your case without any compensation. Workers’ compensation claims can be expensive and injured persons who have had to take time off work and pay for medical expenses can’t afford to pay for the cost of a lawyer up front or as expenses arise. Contingency fees are an attractive option for both the lawyer and the client.

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