Highway Patrol reports numerous crashes after 2 inch snowstorm

With icy weather, more people are prone to take a tumble. Northland Injury Law is joining the fight in helping drivers become aware of the dangers of driving in inclement weather. As personal injury attorneys in Kansas City we have represented many clients who have been affected by driving on snow and ice and we know firsthand the importance of creating an awareness of this issue to better driver safety.

Highway patrol troopers reported accumulating snow Wednesday caused multiple crashes throughout mid-Missouri during the morning hours.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) sent several tweets showing some of the worst crashes from Wednesday morning. Troopers said the crashes were the result of people driving too fast in the snow.

In a tweet, MSHP Troop F said a driver’s trailer disconnected from his truck as he was pulling out of Love’s Truck Stop in New Florence. The truck driver broke all his air hoses and his trailer wheels locked up.

Troopers said a total of 14 vehicles were off the roadway Wednesday morning on Route UU, south of Interstate 70, in Boone County. Troopers thanked workers at Midway Hobbies LLC, who used their tractor to pull out about 10 of them.

Troopers said the driver of a vehicle that crashed into a small pond was lucky not to be injured during a crash on Highway 124 in Howard County Wednesday morning.

This photo is from a crash on Wednesday morning on Highway 124, in Howard County. The MSHP said “Luckily, the driver was not injured.” (Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop F)

MoDOT officials warned that any snow that refreezes on mid-Missouri roads and highways on Wednesday night could likely cause vulnerable spots especially on untreated bridges and overpasses.

“70, 63 and 54 are our higher volume roadways,” MoDOT Maintenance Engineer Jason Shafer said. “We always start with those and work our way down from there because starting on those higher volume roadways does the most people the most good in the shortest amount of time.”

Columbia Public Works crews began their response to winter weather on Tuesday night.

“If you see a plow out on the road, make sure you give it plenty of room,” Columbia Public Works Spokeswoman Ashlyn Sherman said. “Continue to monitor the forecast. Conditions can always change.”

Boone County Joint Communications officials sent out multiple alerts for crashes on Wednesday morning.

MSHP troopers urged drivers to slow down and avoid aggressive driving during snowy conditions. Troopers said if you don’t have to be out, please stay home.

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