Firefighters Now Fight for Workers Compensation

An injury suffered as a result of a Missouri work accident is a serious legal matter. Northland Injury Law’s Missouri compensation lawyers have helped countless workers fight for their rights under the Missouri workers compensation laws. If you have suffered a work injury, there is a good chance your employer has workers’ compensation insurance coverage to cover your medical treatment, lost wages, and settlement for your permanent injury. When an injury occurs, you should contact a workmans comp attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights. Many injured workers think they will automatically be provided with adequate medical care and timely lost wage payments. However, many workers quickly find out that the insurance carriers do not play fair. The Kansas City workers compensation attorneys at Northland Injury Law have the experience necessary to help you navigate the workers’ compensation system and obtain a fair and just recovery, whether by settlement or by prosecuting your work injury claim through a hearing.

Firefighters and family members are seeking support from worker compensation in Missouri.

Firefighters in Missouri are currently lobbying to have cancer considered an occupational disease. Although impossible to pinpoint the disease to a particular fire, firefighters say constant repeat exposure to smoke and chemicals on the job adds up. In an interview with Donna Cheney, the widow of former Gladstone Firefighter Captain Dave Cheney, the reality of firefighting is apparent. Dave was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and underwent expensive treatments.

The cost of treatments weren’t always covered because Dave didn’t qualify for workers compensation. The Cheney’s dipped into savings to pay for treatments and refinanced their home. After a long battle Dave passed away in 2014. Donna eventually had to sell their home.

More is now known about the connection between fighting fires and cancer.

Missouri House Representative Robert Sauls has proposed legislation (HB 863) that would force cities to pay for many medical conditions for firefighters on their payroll. It would as well include cancer as an occupational disease.

Donna said Dave loved being a firefighter, but was devastated that his illness wasn’t recognized as an occupational hazard. She is hoping this legislation will bring change and other families will be able to skip painful legal processes and find peace of mind.

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