Driver, Dog Die in Northland Crash

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A man and his dog are dead after a Sunday afternoon car crash in the Northland.

According to the Kansas City Police Department, the driver failed to negotiate a curve on Northwest Roanridge Road and traveled down an embankment. The car caught fire, and first responders and bystanders were unable to save the man. He was traveling with two dogs, one of which died at the scene. The other is currently being treated.

Accident Investigation Unit Sergeant Deb. Randol stated “I think I saw half a dozen fire extinguishers.” “[They] just couldnt get it [the fire] out, or him out.”.

“People seem to think now is the time for speed.” Randol commented further.

Two officers are being treated for smoke inhalation and one firefighter suffered minor injuries.

This fatal crash if the 15th of 2021, which is the same number of deadly crashes to date in 2020.

KCPD reported 103 fatal crashes in 2020, up from 77 in 2019.

Two other speed related crashes also occurred in Kansas City on Saturday.

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