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At Northland Injury Law, we have worked for years to ensure our Kansas City clients have the smoothest process possible in receiving just compensation for their injuries. If you’ve been in an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, injured at work, or other accident, we have the experience you need. We strive to continue making it simple for our clients to reach us after an accident. We are happy to announce a new, quick, and efficient way to reach us after you’ve been in an accident: #HURT

Here at Northland Injury Law, we believe in providing the most effective and efficient assistance to those that have been injured and need representation. As a result, we are proud to announce #HURT – a simple and more expedient way to get the help you need sooner.

What is #HURT?*

#HURT is an Abbreviated Dialing Code (“ADC”) that generally works across all major phone service carriers in Missouri and is as simple to dial as #4878.

There is no limit to the ways that #HURT may assist you. If you’ve been injured in any of the following ways, please call #HURT to speak with an experienced attorney at our firm today!

  • #HURT in a car accident
  • #HURT as a pedestrian
  • #HURT in a work accident
  • #HURT in a slip and fall accident
  • #HURT in a construction accident
  • #HURT in a motorcycle accident
  • #HURT in a bicycle accident

Even if your injury is not labeled above, Northland Injury Law is confident that we can assist you in your claim. Regardless of size or complexity, our firm will handle your case with due diligence, care, and expediency.

So How Does #HURT Work?

It’s as simple as dialing #HURT. If you have been injured and are in need of representation to help get the compensation you deserve, dial #HURT. Once dialed, you will be put directly through to a real individual at our firm who will be more than happy to speak to you immediately and see if we can assist you with your claim.

At the end of the day, it is our goal to assist you in any way that we are best able. If you’ve been injured and are in need of assistance or representation, please dial #HURT from your cellular device to speak with us.

If you or a loved one have suffered accident injuries in a car accident call Northland Injury Law at (816) 400-4878 or dial #HURT to speak to a Missouri automobile accident lawyer today for help in recovering the compensation you need. An experienced personal injury attorney can ease some of the burden by engaging in fact-finding, gathering the necessary documentation, and crafting concise and thorough demands for settlement of your claim.

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