Contractor injured in conveyor belt system at UPS facility in Kansas City, KCFD says

A contractor working on a conveyor belt system was seriously injured Monday evening at a UPS facility in Kansas City, according to fire officials.

First responders were called about 6 p.m. to 1010 North Century Drive, where they found the injured worker, according to the Kansas City Fire Department.

Crews extricated the worker from the conveyor belt system and took him to North Kansas City Hospital, Deputy Chief Jimmy Walker said. The contractor was administered CPR on the way, Walker said.

It remained unclear what condition the contractor was in Monday night, but Walker said his prognosis was “very poor” in the ambulance. On the way to the hospital, fire crews tried to resuscitate him, Walker said.

Initially, police mistakenly reported the contractor dead at the scene, according to the fire department.

It remained unclear how the man became caught in the conveyor belt system.

Capt. David Jackson, a Kansas City Police Department spokesman, said officers were taking a report on the incident, which left the contractor with life-threatening injuries. He said it was not a criminal investigation.

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