Consulting an Injury Lawyer: How Long Can I Wait to File Suit After an Accident?

A well-qualified injury lawyer is prepared to answer – or help find the answer – to most
of their client’s questions. When entering into the legal system, information is always
one of the most valuable tools an individual can possess, regardless of the
circumstances. Well-informed and experienced, Northland Injury Law of Kansas City is
here and ready to address many of their client's concerns, including one of the most
common: “How much time do I have to file a suit after an accident?”

Understanding the Statute of Limitations

The time limitations of your case (otherwise called the “statute of limitations”) greatly
depend upon two very important things: the type of case you have and the state in
which you’re filing your case.

Typically, in Kansas, you have one year to file for personal injuries and two years to
file for property damage. Alternatively, in Missouri, you usually have three years to file
for both personal injury and property damage. Our best advice is to contact a Kansas
City injury lawyer at Northland Injury Law early on after an accident occurs (and after
medical care is received).

Retaining the Right Documentation

Once you officially become our client, we can become more involved in the situation
and provide you with essential, case-winning information. More specifically, we can
advise you on the documentation you should retain to help you best prepare for your

Here at Northland Injury Law, our injury law attorneys are trial lawyers – we prepare
each case to go to trial, even if settling is your ultimate goal. Throughout the legal
process, we will offer advice and expertise to help you make legal decisions that you
can be comfortable with for your individual circumstances.

Filing Insurance Claims and Police Reports

There are other things you should do in the immediate aftermath of an accident. This
includes contacting your insurance to file a claim and filing a police report.

Your insurance claim and any possible legal action will require a police report for
official documentation and evidence. For the insurance claim itself, if you miss the filing
deadline, the insurance company will most likely deny your accident claim. These
deadlines can differ from the legal statute of limitations. Therefore, if an insurance claim
is out of the question, a lawsuit could still be possible!

Seeking Medical Attention and Legal Assistance

Immediately following an accident, the best thing to do first, in most cases, is to call for
medical services if needed. These medical services can include having a police officer
create an accident report. If possible, while waiting for those services to arrive, call
Northland Injury Law to get an injury lawyer’s immediate assistance – they can direct
you on how best to handle insurance so that they will work in your favor.

For any kind of accident, you should always try to contact a personal injury lawyer from
a law firm with lots of proven experience, skill, and excellent results when handling your
type of case.

The team at Northland Injury Law in Kansas City has a track record that is proof of our
exceptional ability and our years of experience with representing accident victims in
North Kansas City, Gladstone, Liberty, St. Joseph, Plattsburg, Cameron, Chillicothe,
Trenton, Sedalia, Warrensburg, and many other areas around Missouri.

Call (816) 400-4878 or text HURT to 22222 today to schedule a free legal consultation.
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Let us help you win the compensation you deserve!

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