Century-old post office suddenly collapses in small Missouri town of Jamesport

Northeast of the metro, the Daviess County town of Jamesport is dealing with a postal mess.

The century-old U.S. post office collapsed Wednesday around 9 a.m., and investigators are trying to find out what caused it to happen.

A spokesperson for the Postal Service said a worker heard an unusual creaking noise, and he got out of the building in the nick of time.

“It was really loud, really loud,” said Amanda Riley, who owns The Farmhouse Collection, a store across the street. “A lot of dust and debris still falling and things blowing down the street.”

She was preparing to take an armload of packages to the post office when she heard the noise. The store beside the post office is also ruined.

Riley knows she’s fortunate her business survived.

“We’d be having some kind of structural engineer to come in and check it out. After this has happened, it’s not something we want to chance,” she said.

No one’s sure what caused the building to collapse at this point. Mark Inglett, a spokesperson for the U.S. Postal Service said mobile postal units will be brought in to help people in Daviess County get and send their mail.

“We’re going to do what we can to make this as transparent as possible and still reach out to the community to make sure all their needs are met so we can get everything taken care of for them,” he said.

As scary as it might have been, people in Jamesport are taking the high road. One person said they can rebuild the post office, and they’re just blessed no one was injured.

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