Car Accident Lawyer: When and If You Should Make the Call

A car accident lawyer is someone you’ll want on your side following a car accident in the Kansas City area. So naturally, hiring legal representation is one of the first moves you’ll want to make following an accident. However, a few pressing matters always come first, and Northland Injury Law is here to advise you on which calls to make and when.

Do You Need Representation?

Seeking legal representation should be a step when you suffer an injury affecting your quality of life. If you experience lasting pain and suffering, miss time at work, or impact your earning potential in the future, an experienced lawyer from Northland Injury Law can take the stress of the accident off your shoulders. We can also help protect you from the demands of insurance companies in collecting evidence for building a claim, completing and submitting paperwork, and representing you in court.

Before You Call

Before calling a car accident lawyer, it’s essential to handle a few critically important matters first:

Get a Police report

The most important phone call you should make isn’t to a car accident lawyer but to the police. A police officer will be able to obtain information at the time of the accident. This will help to determine fault in the accident and document the facts for court.

Exchange Insurance

Once police are on their way, you should exchange insurance information with the other party. During this time, you should take pictures of the vehicles and the scene if it’s safe to do so. You should also take this time to get the names and phone numbers of anyone who saw the accident. This extra documentation will be helpful whether the accident is a fender bender or a collision with a large truck.

Seek Medical Attention

After a motor vehicle accident, you need to seek medical attention. Any injury can be severe, and you can never be sure what aches and pains are more significant than others.

If you’ve been in an accident in Gladstone, Liberty, Kansas City, North Kansas City, Saint Joseph, Plattsburg, Cameron, Chillicothe, Trenton, Sedalia, Warrensburg, or anywhere else in the Kansas City area, a car accident lawyer from Northland Injury Law is here to help you. You don’t have to do all the work of getting your fair compensation alone. Call us at (816) 293-4731 or visit our virtual office to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.

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