Can a chemical in Roundup weed killer cause cancer? Man plans to sue after diagnosis

In September 2017, Phil Corsi went to the doctor complaining about pain after eating. He got a diagnosis he never expected.

“I had a large lymphoma that had become cancerous,” said Phil Corsi.

His days became filled with doctor’s appointments and chemotherapy treatments. Phil had no family history of cancer and had lived a healthy active life. He and his wife say the diagnosis didn’t make sense.

Then he heard there was an alleged link between RoundUp weed killer’s chemical glyphosate and non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Juries, after looking at evidence, had delivered multi-billion dollar verdicts to several cancer victims.

Phill says for decades he used RoundUp multiple times a week to kill weeds in his yard – and even in his neighbors’ yards.

“There are no warning labels on it and the chemical that has been linked to B-cell lymphoma is still in that product,” Kim Corsi, Phil’s wife, said.

“There should be some kind of warning on this for folks so people aren’t going through the same thing,” Phil said.

“We wouldn’t use it. If we would have known that, he wouldn’t have bought it,” Kim added.

It raises the question: should you be worried?

For years, farms have used plants genetically modified to survive RoundUp. It allowed farmers to soak their entire fields with the weed killer to get rid of weeds. Now RoundUp has been detected in the food we eat. Plus it is still being sold to control weeds in your yard.

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Contact Roundup Weed Killer Lawyer Northland Injury Law

Here in Missouri there are a significant number of golf courses and agriculture that potentially expose workers on golf courses and farmers to Roundup. Northland Injury Law is reviewing claims on behalf of agriculture workers as well as any other men and women who develop non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after using Roundup weed-killer.

Northland Injury Law is a Kansas City law firm that has been representing victims for over 30 years. Being sensitive to the signs of cancer and to the catastrophic effects a cancer injury can lead to has made Northland Injury Law well equipped to handle these cases. We offer free consultations where we analyze your claim, tell you whether you have a valid case, answer your questions and discuss the best options available to you and your family moving forward. Give us a call at 816-400-4878.

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