Automotive services and tow trucks work overtime due to Kansas City snow storm

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) – The streets and highways Monday haven’t been too bad, in fact most of them are clear.

It’s a drastic change from a few days ago.

Mechanics and tow truck drivers across the metro are working overtime after the storm.

David Jones, who Owns D and D Automotive Services, doesn’t have extra staff to bring in Monday, so he and his team are putting in extra hours to help customers in need of repairs after the storm we had a few days ago.

“We’re just working longer and harder,” explained Jones.

Tow trucks were in and out dropping off cars for Jones to fix.

Most drivers are too busy to talk.

“It’s keeping us very busy,” said David Clawson, Tow Truck Driver.

Clawson says they have dozens of customers waiting for service.

“Well as of now, it tows for cars just broke down and getting moved to their areas, for the last two days probably done 30 cars of extractions, pulling cars out of the ditch,” voiced Clawson.

Back at D and D Automotive, they’d just finished repairing Nicole Vowells car.

She says she was trying to slow down near Lee’s Summit and Truman Friday afternoon when she hit an icy patch, slid into a curb and bent her tire rod.

“The fact that it rained, then iced, then snowed, messed me up because I didn’t really think of it because I have all wheel drive,” explained Vowells.

Suspension issues have been a recurring thing for drivers who’ve brought their cars to D and D Automotive.

“It enables it not to steer, your wheels might be going crooked, you may have one in sideways but you’re not able to drive the car. Generally speaking, it could blow the tires out,” said Jones.

He has a word of advice for people as they get around in the snowy, icy mess.

“When you go into a slide you need to put it in neutral and remember not to panic and hit the brakes real hard, that’s what causes a lot of times for you to slide into the curb,” expressed Jones.

The average bill for suspension work could cost you anywhere from $300-$500.

That’s a safety lesson Vowells learned the hard way.

“Just keep your space, slow down, these wrecks are getting crazy and they’re not worth the money like it’s all I had and now it’s gone,” explained Vowells.

Traffic seems to be flowing on I-70 on the east side of downtown.

Just remember to slow down and be aware because there could still be some slick spots out there.

Monday, around 4:00 p.m., a school bus was turning a corner, lost control and slid off into a ditch in Kansas City’s northland, just west of I-29.

Four kids were on board at the time, but none of the kids were injured.

The bus was pulled out of the ditch and proceeded to drive away.

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