Auto technicians warn about vehicle damage in cold temperatures

COLUMBIA, Mo. – This winter season may cause you to spend a lot more money on your vehicle than any other months in the year.

A Mid-Missouri auto technician with A to C Repairs, Chris Fulk said as temperatures begin to drop and snow begins to hit the roads, drivers should be aware of their tire pressure, tread patterns and the proper amount of antifreeze in their vehicle.

“One of the first things you want to check is probably air pressure in the tire, to make sure it has a substantial amount in it to be safe,” Fulk said. “As well as tread pattern on a tire. You want it deep enough, in order to be aggressive in the winter months.”

Auto experts said snow can very well put you in situations that will cause any vehicle to hydroplane or will not let the car move, which can leave you stranded and can also get you hurt.

To prevent you or anyone from getting hurt on the road, taking the time to make sure your vehicle is all around ready for the road is key.

Taking the time to warm up your vehicle allows the coolant to warm up. Not only does it heat up the inside of your car, it will allow you to clear up any ice or snow on your windshield.

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