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  • Traffic Construction Zone Safety

    Distracted Driving Safety Distracted driving in construction zones has been a cause for concern for the safety of motorists on the road and for the construction workers in work zones. The ever-changing technology associated with smart phones allows people to...

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  • World Leader in Car Crash Deaths

    United States Takes the Lead Public health experts often cite reduced car crash deaths as one of the most successful examples of how common-sense laws can reduce injuries and deaths. Through strategies like enforcing seat belt usage and drunken driving...

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  • Automobile Deaths Increase

    Car Accident Fatalities on the Rise Although there is more advanced safety equipment in cars, trucks and SUVs than ever before, automobile deaths continue to rise, according to the National Safety Council. That organization stated in August that crash death rates...

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  • Traffic Deaths on the Rise

    Cause for Concern After years of tougher drunk-driving laws and a massive awareness campaign, the public's attitude about intoxicated motoring shifted and traffic deaths decreased. After decades of overall improvement in driving safety, traffic fatalities are again on the rise. Deaths...

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  • It Can Wait – Distracted Driving

    A National Epidemic Each day in the United States, over 8 people are killed and 1,161 injured in crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver. It's an extremely prevalent problem in the US with teenagers. However, adults are...

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  • Three Common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

    Common Causes of Motorcycle CrashesAccording to data compiled by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2013 motorcyclists accounted for:14 percent of all traffic fatalitiesFour percent of all people injured18 percent of all occupants (driver and passenger) fatalitiesFour percent...

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  • Car Seat Safety: Buckle Up!

    Two children were killed in a collision earlier this week. Both kids were under the age of four years and neither were in a car seat. The children’s mom was driving one of the vehicles involved in the crash.The collision...

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  • The Increase in Auto Accident Deaths

    According to a recent report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), we’re suffering more fatal auto accidents than we have since 2008. Not good news.These results were hinted at last December when the NHTSA noted an increase of nearly...

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  • Distracted Driving: Parents do it, too

    Are You a Distracted Driver?Distracted driving is not something we should take lightly. Serious accidents and injuries have occurred because someone decided that their phone screen was more important than their safety of the safety of others. In fact in...

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  • Bicycle Accidents: Who’s at Fault?

    Every year, hundreds of bicyclists die in traffic accidents involving motor vehicles, and thousands more are injured, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data. Drivers can play a big role in reducing those statistics, but it’s a two-way street, and...

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Personal Injury

If you’ve been injured and aren’t sure where to turn, let us help. We represent individuals in many areas of personal injury including truck, auto and motorcycle accidents, property liability (slip & fall), spinal cord injuries, and more.

Worker's Comp

Injured at work? We can help! If you have suffered a work-related injury or illness, we can help ensure you get full and fair compensation under the law.


Our Personal Injury & Worker's Comp Attorneys

Northland Injury Law: Personal Injury Lawyers in Northland Kansas City and Northwest Missouri.

Proudly serving: Gladstone, Liberty, Kansas City, North Kansas City, Saint Joseph, Plattsburg, Cameron, Chillicothe, Trenton, and more.

The Northland Injury Law Firm has been practicing in the Kansas City area for many years. Our founders, Max Von Erdsmannsdorff and Steve Mowry, built a strong foundation for the firm. Since Eric Bartlett joined the firm in 1996, Northland Injury Law has earned a reputation for success, honesty and compassion in personal injury and worker’s compensation.

I found Northland Injury Law to be very professional and honest! They kept me up to date on my case. I would highly recommend the whole firm for all your legal needs!!” – Michael T.

Northland Injury Law is proud of the relationships they’ve built with the clients they have served in the Northland and surrounding areas.  Their many great results for seriously injured people have helped their clients recover the significant economic losses that attend such serious injuries.

When it comes to a lawsuit after an accident or injury, representation matters! Most people do not realize that insurance companies have teams of lawyers, investigators, photographers and defense experts who immediately go to work following a serious accident involving their insureds.  They hire these people to minimize their exposure throughout the claims process and to reduce the amount received by the victim. Northland Injury Law aims to level the playing field for their clients.

This is an excellent law firm. They helped me out after an accident and did an awesome job. I would recommend this law firm to anyone who needs a good lawyer.” – Toni B.

Between them, Mr. Mowry and Mr. Bartlett have over  50 combined years of legal experience in the Kansas City Northland area. They have both been recognized by KC Magazine as “Top attorneys in Missouri and Kansas” and both have been recognized in the National Top 100 Trial Attorneys.

If you require the services of excellent local lawyers after an accident or injury, call Northland Injury Law today for a free consultation at 816-400-4878.

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